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Kingston Opening Postponed
Bristol Unit Open For Business
Bristol Unit Opens
Our newest unit has just opened (Wednesday 2nd February) in Bristol. The unit is situated on the first floor of the Carwadine Coffee Shop in Princess Victoria Street and provides full Internet access including Web access, email and Internet Relay Chat. Word-processing, printing and other services are also available.

Welcome to our website. It has been designed to make it easy for you to find what you want quickly. Café customers can use the links section to gain quick access to some of the best sites on the Net. Suggestions for sites or categories to add are always welcome. The help section includes the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Businesses that want to find out about our other services can follow the links to the relevant sections. We are currently drawing on our experience of the Internet to diversify into new areas including franchising and kiosk installation. We hope you like the changes to the website and invite you to send any comments to the webmaster.

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Internet Training Courses
Victoria's latest program of popular Internet related training courses has just been finalised. Topics covered include elementary guides for new users, eCommerce and a range of Web development sessions. Full details including prices are to be found in the training section of our website.

Kingston Opening Postponed

Unfortunately problems with the credit card software have meant that plans to open our new unit in Kingston on Thames have been delayed somewhat. As soon as they are resolved the unit will open. It will comprise four bench mounted touchscreen terminals. It will be located within the tourist information centre and will give access to the world wide web and e-mail. Tea, coffee and snacks will be available from the adjacent Nescafé coffee shop. The unit will be unmanned with customers paying for their time by credit card. The machines are almost ready with just final configuration of the software to be completed before the unit goes live. If you think you have a location that would benefit from similar units then why not have a look at the kiosks section of our website.

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